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Why hire a commercial cleaning service

You and your staff need and deserve to work in a clean office.  An office’s cleanliness or lack thereof reflects on your business.  As the owner of a business, you have multiple obligations both in and outside of operating the company business.  Most people who are not in your position do not understand what you do behind the scenes in order to keep the business operating efficiently.  One way for you to focus more on your business is to hire a well-respected professional cleaning service.  There are countless benefits of having someone else responsible for cleaning the office.

First and foremost, commercial cleaning services know what to do in order to ensure a clean environment and because they know how to properly clean, dust, and sanitize.  Plus, none of your employees wants to be responsible for cleaning the bathroom.  It is best to let the professionals cleaners do the cleaning and let those that work for you do what they are best at.

When you hire an office cleaning service, you reduce the number of sick days that your workers take.  That is because those responsible for cleaning effectively reduce the number of germs and the amount of allergens that circulate in your office.  Therefore, your employees are more productive.

Another reason to invest in a professional cleaning service is to ensure that your bathroom is always well stocked and clean.  No one wants to drip dry or have to wipe their wet hands on their pants after washing because there were no towels in the restroom.  Furthermore, see how many clients stick around when the gas station down the street has a cleaner bathroom than yours.

Be sure that the cleaning company that you hire has been properly vetted and properly screens its employees.  You need to know all of the services that are offered to you, including floor waxing, window washing, and carpet cleaning.  Furthermore, you need to know that they will be available in an emergency and have the right licensing and insurance to be in business.

It would also behoove you to check out their website, social media presence and Yelp reviews.  This will give you insight into how long they have been in business and how reputable they are, as well as how other clients feel about them.

Before you sign anything, be sure to read it in full and ask questions.  You need to know how to make special requests and what to do if you are not happy.  Find out how long the contract is for and how you can get out of it if needed.

Stick to your budget, but be aware that by hiring a cleaning service you will be saving money in the long run and morale in your office will go up.  Also, you will not have to invest in a vacuum cleaner, mop, and other equipment needed to keep the office you work in clean and orderly.  Therefore, you should make the best impression you can by hiring an office cleaning service.